Can't do it? what if yes!

When you manage to name a study or research, the concept within a design project is subsequently developed is specified, it is in this type of project, in which experience and experiment are mixed with a constant check in trial, error and success, are those that conclude with a high degree of satisfaction and generate a new business framework.

Adding design principles future oriented in order to make competition and innovation increase, more than focused on products or services. Concepts is about applying some of the traditional design principles to systematic large-scale challenges and to redefine how needed are addressed, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions.

Daily ways on do things can drive people onto a non suggestion experiences and with that, do things same way day by day but. try to add a new action, for sure you will notice unexpected changes happen. So, you can't struggle on if you can or not...what if always is yes!?.


This is a self production sofa prototype projected for research in the field of sustainability and circular design. The only two materials used make it so easy for recycling and this is not the only thing which makes it sustainable. We bet for more: Circular Design.

Te structure is made of square tubular 40x40 mm section iron bar. The other one material is a just recycled safety net of buildings in construction. For this second material, we suggest a networking with buiding contruction companies in order to be supplied with nets they won’t need anymore due the big area of use they need of this material, however this is an advantage for us cause we only need small pieces.

The main premise for its conception was avoid foams a gums in addition with the possibility in use the less materials as possible in order to be sustainable and planned under circular economy premisses.

After be tested we start redefining lines, to achieve a gorgeus product. Please, don’t hesitate on ask about it.

subaquatic candle.

What if we want to spot a flame under the water?. Currently it is easy find available acuatic lamps for pools but, the best imitation which can be made of an eléctric candle today is not good enough as original flame.

So we Just find a reason to explore Again.

To run our new experience, we use on first time empty bottles of water made of PET. Plastics don’t get burn when water is all around (apologies , we have no photos of this assay). The test show us how to perform the bottle in order to keep it stabiliced with candle on flame into. what you can see on pictures is the project born by following experience notes'.

Taking one step more, we draw an small structure to use it outside the water.